Draft preview: Age could affect value of James, Taylor

Running backs take more physical punishment than any other offensive skill position, so it's no shock that some tend to break down once they close in on the age of 30.

Throughout the history of the NFL, even the best backs have seen their numbers fall closer to their 30th birthdays. Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, Eddie George, Franco Harris and O.J. Simpson are just a few of the names that found pro football more difficult at an extended age, and their numbers showed that to be true.

This trend is part of the reason that backfield committees, which utilize two backs with different skill sets, have become so popular in recent seasons. The decreased number of carries keeps runners fresher throughout the season and cuts down on the wear and tear their bodies endure.

But there are some runners that have been around the league longer that remain vulnerable to decreased numbers, and fantasy footballers should know the names and statistics to avoid potential bust candidates when it comes time to draft a new team.

With that in mind, we've found eight prominent runners that will be 29 or older when the 2008 season starts.

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