Doug Whaley: I didn't act alone in cutting Fred Jackson

The idea of a general manager "going rogue" is increasingly terrifying in a current NFL landscape where no one can make a move without finding himself on Twitter.

Bills general manager Doug Whaley was accused of doing just that with the release of veteran running back and Buffalo icon Fred Jackson, though, which left some wondering how he would fit into the new power structure with head coach Rex Ryan and Whaley both reporting to ownership.

Whaley responded to those claims on Thursday.

"I gather information from everybody, from the running backs coach to the offensive coordinator to the head coach and the owners," Whaley said via The Buffalo News. "I wouldn't be in this position -- especially with new ownership -- I'm going to include them.

"That's my boss. We wouldn't make a decision without them."

Given the state of the Bills and their mad push to make the team relevant again, Whaley makes a decent point here. If the name Fred Jackson is on the chopping block, wouldn't there have to be a phone call made upstairs?

Jackson certainly wasn't happy about matters and his history of not exactly being a Whaley guy makes this all the more interesting.

With two strong personalities both directly reporting to ownership now, this Bills season could be more exciting than we initially thought.

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