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Doug Pederson on Sam Bradford: 'He's my guy'

Doug Pederson has a message for Sam Bradford. You're my No. 1 guy.

The Eagles coach tried his best to quell the unrest in his quarterback room on Tuesday by sharing his side of a recent conversation with Bradford, who has done everything in his power to escape town since learning Carson Wentz was coming to town.

"I've actually talked to Sam since he's been back," Pederson told reporters. "I told him my feelings haven't changed. He's my guy. He's the number one guy. I just want him to embrace that and let's not look backward but look forward."

Pederson -- he himself a former QB placeholder in Philly -- summoned an example from his own playing career to express empathy for Bradford's position.

"I understand the situation," he began. "I go back to 1999. I was brought here by Andy Reid to do a job and (the Eagles) drafted Donovan McNabb. So I understand the situation. I get the feeling. I get the emotions. But at the same time, we're professionals about it. And I've told Sam all along. And I've told you guys all along. He's my guy. I'm not looking back over my shoulder and the message to him was the same thing."

Bradford's agent has been all over the radio dial expressing his client's wish to play for a team that sees him as a long-term solution, going as far to point out a specific team he had hoped Bradford would end up with this year. It all makes you wonder how Bradford will be received by Eagles teammates. Pederson said Tuesday there have been no issues on that front.

"His teammates did a really great job at just welcoming him back, embracing him. I've said all along that I'd welcome him back. It worked well. Of course last week it was a little different cause Carson wasn't in until later in the week. So really this is our first full week with the two of them."

As for Wentz, Pederson stated that the rookie still has "a long way to go in this system."

"He's learning everyday, but Sam's the guy."

Well, until it's time for him not to be the guy.

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