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Doug Pederson continues to praise Chiefs' Chase Daniel

INDIANAPOLIS -- A pattern has emerged. Ask Doug Pederson about Chase Daniel and the new Eagles coach will shower the Chiefs backup quarterback with praise. Should we, as a people, be reading into this?

"I think Chase, given an opportunity, yes, I think he can be (a starting quarterback)," Pederson told reporters on Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "People that have worked with him for the last three years know that he has an opportunity there and hopefully he gets his chance."

Daniel -- like Sam Bradford -- is headed toward free agency, and there's speculation the Eagles could make a run at the Daniel if Bradford exits the picture after one season in Philly. Pederson said the Eagles have a plan in place in the event that Bradford skips town, but stressed that the quarterback's solid finish had a big impact on the organization's thinking.

"Sam's part of the Eagles' organization and what he's done in the last half of last year I think has given him that opportunity to stay in Philadelphia," Pederson said. "Being a player in his shoes, you have to want to be somewhere and I think Sam wants to be in Philadelphia.

"You can also talk to people that have been around Sam Bradford, that understand where he's come as a quarterback, his development as a quarterback, the fact that he put himself in a leadership role toward the end of the season," Pederson continued. "(It) proves to me that he can handle going forward in this role and the opportunity to start."

But about Chase Daniel. Why was Pederson so impressed with the quarterback during their three years together with the Chiefs?

"I think what he's done with Alex (Smith) behind the scenes, the way he's coached Alex, the way he prepares during the week, the way he studies, the way he puts himself in a starter's mentality on Sunday," Daniel said. "And then the couple games he did start there in Kansas City, to me, has proven that he can take over a team."

The Eagles sure seem to be putting a lot of stock into Bradford's solid finish to 2015. That seems strange given Pederson wasn't in the building then and the Eagles will be running a much different offense now that Chip Kelly is coaching out West.

Color us suspicious about this situation.

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