Doug Marrone: Sammy Watkins working on growing up

Sammy Watkins was electric once again on Sunday, this time in a blowout win over the Jets during which he turned six targets into more than 157 yards and a touchdown.

But he also learned an important lesson about life in the NFL when he was caught from behind on what would have been an 89-yard touchdown pass.

After he came to the sidelines, his coach told him to grow up.

"I said, 'There were people on that sideline' -- meaning his teammates -- 'that were upset,'" Doug Marronetold reporters after the game. "We're playing our butts off and we don't have time for stuff like that. Those are the things we have to work on -- winning and growing up."

Of course, if this is the lowest point in Watkins' career, he'll be just fine. He followed that play with a beautiful 61-yard catch and run for a touchdown. He's already the Bills' most explosive offensive weapon and it's not even close.

With a little bit of seasoning, something that can come in a hurry after an embarrassing moment, Watkins won't have to worry about ticking off his teammates anymore.

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