Doug Marrone hasn't seen Coughlin's SB wins over Pats

As Jaguars coach Doug Marrone prepares his team for Sunday's AFC title clash with the high-and-mighty Patriots, it would be wise to pick the brain of Tom Coughlin.

After all, Coughlin, Jacksonville's executive VP of football operations, is embedded in NFL lore as the only coach to beat New England's Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.

Coughlin did it twice with the Giants, knocking out New England in Super Bowl XLII and again in Super Bowl XLVI.

Has Marrone studied the handiwork of his boss? Nope.

"I haven't watched them. Seriously," Marrone said Wednesday of New York's two memorable wins over New England. "If I'm not in the Super Bowl, I usually don't watch it, unless I have to. I'm sorry. But [Giants wideout] David Tyree made a great catch, he's a Syracuse guy."

At least Marrone, the former 'Cuse coach, knew about Tyree's heroics in Super Bowl XLII. But who goes out of their way to avoid the Super Bowl? An unusual stance, especially considering the league's annual Super Bowl Week features a tidal wave of coaches, owners, general managers and players on hand for the big game.

Marrone, however, made it clear that Coughlin is a constant source of inspiration inside the building, saying: "I've leaned on Coach pretty good from Day 1."

Besides, they'll have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the Super Bowl together three Sundays from now if Marrone can do the near impossible against the Pats.

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