Doug Baldwin rants on Seahawks' offensive struggles

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin was a tad angry at the offense's struggles after being upset by the Dallas Cowboys30-23 on Sunday.

At one point during the loss Baldwin could be seen vociferously orating his feelings at quarterback Russell Wilson.

"What do you think, man? We're frustrated,'' Baldwin said, still visibly agitated after the contest, per The Seattle Times. "The offense can't (expletive) move the ball. We've got too much (expletive) talent over here not to be moving the ball."

Seattle had just 206 yards of total offense; Marshawn Lynch got just 10 carries, while Wilson completed only 14 of 28 passes and had one of the lowest passer ratings (47.8) of his career.

Baldwin clarified that his frustration wasn't directed at Wilson.

"It's not on Russ," the wide receiver said. "I'm just saying, in general, our offense, we're just too (expletive) good not to be moving the ball down the field. It's a collaborative thing. We've all got to pitch in and do our part. We've all got to do better."

The Super Bowl champions had the ball for only 22:21, compared to 37:39 for the Cowboys. When it was suggested that time of possession could have played a factor, Baldwin disagreed, emphatically.

"No, (expletive) that," he said. "We had plenty of time to make plays. We've got too much talent not to be moving the (expletive) ball."

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