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Doug Baldwin apologizes for Super Bowl TD celebration

In the immediate wake of the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin expressed no regrets about the excretion-themed touchdown celebration that ended up earning him an $11,025 fine.

However, after a few more weeks to think it over, the wideout was more apologetic.

"In that moment it was just a reaction, and if I could go back, I would take it back," Baldwin told Seattle's KIRO-AM on Monday. "In that moment it was a spontaneous reaction to the course of the game. That's not typically me, but in that situation that's just what happened ... Personally I didn't mean anything by it negatively towards anybody. I do regret the fact that it cost my team 15 yards. And to the fans, ultimately I do apologize to anybody who I offended in any way."

The receiver also admitted that the move was directed at Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis -- who shut Baldwin down aside from the three-yard touchdown catch in which the defensive back was picked by the referee.

"In that moment I guess you could say it was just kind of a built-up frustration I was letting out in that sequence, between him and I," Baldwin said. "Because obviously there was competitive stuff going on in that game, and in that moment I just let out what I felt personally."

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