Dorsey: Condoleezza Rice not option for Browns HC job

The Cleveland Browns plan to search under every stone for a new head coach. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, however, won't be considered.

In response to a report by ESPN that the Browns want to interview the 64-year-old Rice, general manager John Dorsey rejected the notion.

"Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a great leader, possesses the highest possible character and also happens to be a Browns fan," Dorsey said in a statement. "I have the utmost respect and admiration for all she's accomplished and was honored to meet her for the first time earlier this season. Our coaching search will be thorough and deliberate, but we are still in the process of composing the list of candidates and Secretary Rice has not been discussed."

Rice released a statement via her Facebook account on Sunday stating she's not ready to coach:

"I love my Browns -- and I know they will hire an experienced coach to take us to the next level.

"On a more serious note, I do hope that the NFL will start to bring women into the coaching profession as position coaches and eventually coordinators and head coaches. One doesn't have to play the game to understand it and motivate players. But experience counts -- and it is time to develop a pool of experienced women coaches.

"BTW -- I'm not ready to coach but I would like to call a play or two next season if the Browns need ideas! And at no time will I call for a prevent defense."

Rice is an avid football fan with a deep depth of knowledge about the sport. In the past, the former Secretary of State has expressed interest potentially being NFL commissioner one day, but hasn't outwardly suggested a head coaching job was anything she'd be interested in pursuing.

Dorsey said after firing Hue Jackson that Cleveland would consider all types of candidates for the position without regard to age, gender or experience. The discussion of Rice being considered -- even if it was soundly rejected -- underscores the belief that the Browns are pondering getting creative when hiring their seventh head coaching since 2005.

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