Donovan McNabb: Making playoffs is hard, Eagles fans

Donovan McNabb, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and current NFL Network analyst, doesn't want to say I told you so to formerly disgruntled Eagles fans, but, well ...

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"Making it to the NFC Championship (Game) is not easy, and I think they're starting to see that right now, that getting to the playoffs and going to the NFC Championship consistently, it's just not that easy," McNabb said Thursday on Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. "There are teams right now who have winning records, like the Atlanta Falcons, they've done it for so many years, and they get to the playoffs, and all of a sudden, they're one and done."

McNabb made the comments as a broader defense of Eagles coach Andy Reid's track record. McNabb believes the last two seasons shouldn't ruin Reid's legacy of winning in Philadelphia. We couldn't agree more.

Reid and McNabb were the two key people in one of the five most successful franchises of the Aughts. They reached the NFC Championship Game four straight times and played in a fifth in the 2008 season.

The Eagles never won a Super Bowl like the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers or Indianapolis Colts, but they consistently won. McNabb is right that Eagles fans probably will look back on the era some day and realize how good they had it.

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