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Don't hit the fantasy panic button on Andrew Luck yet

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Marcas Grant: It's not a crazy idea. The Andrew Luck panic is real. We're talking about a guy who went in the early second round in plenty of drafts -- and likely in the first round in a few others. To be blunt, you haven't gotten the requisite value from him in the first two weeks. On the flipside, Carson Palmer has far outplayed his draft position. But I'm going to preach patience on Luck. I admit it can be hard to do if you're 0-2 and looking at a Titans defense that has been fairly stingy with quarterbacks. But the Titans also faced a pair of rookies and have yet to see a quarterback of Luck's caliber. Not to mention that Indianapolis is also 0-2 and realizes that a third straight loss would be catastrophic. If Luck doesn't turn it around this week, you can officially freak out.

M.G.: I can't help but feel like this is a humblebrag. I like all three of these quarterbacks to varying degrees this week. Yet if I have to rank them, I'd go in this order -- Tannehill, Mariota and Taylor. The Bills have one of the NFL's better defenses, but Tannehill also has better weapons than the other two quarterbacks. I always believed that Mariota could be an occasional starter later in the season, but he's exceeded my expectations so far and the Colts' defense hasn't offered much resistance this season. As for Taylor, he's an offensive dynamo whose ability to score fantasy points with his legs makes him worth consideration most weeks. I'd look at him against a Miami defense that hasn't played up to par so far this season. But in the end, I'd still side with Tannehill.

M.G.: From the group you have listed, I'd make the move for Tyrod Taylor. As I mentioned above, his running ability makes him an attractive option -- he's rushed for 40-plus yards in each of the first two games this season. The other part is that the Bills don't seem likely to go away from Taylor anytime soon. That should give him the confidence to be aggressive on the field and know that he won't have to look over his shoulder if he makes any mistakes. Plus ... does anyone else feel like this could be a re-do of 2013 when Greg Roman unleashed Colin Kaepernick on the world and made him a top 10 fantasy quarerback? I would be pretty okay with that.

M.G.: I want with all my heart and soul for Alfred Morris to be great. He's still a talented running back who can do really big thing when he gets the football in his hands. But it seems like the coaching staff and front office in Washington just don't like him. For the life of me, I can't understand why. Maybe he cut someone off in traffic and didn't give the "I'm sorry" wave. Whatever it is, I'm sure Alfred is sorry and he would like more carries, please. This isn't to knock Matt Jones, who has looked great in the early season and is continually cutting into Morris' snaps. Nonetheless, I'd still give the veteran a chance. If the Washington Professional Football Club is going to succeed longterm, it's going to have to dominate the football and a strong running game is the best way to do that.

M.G.: It's a case of Ol' Reliable against the Flavor of the Week. As good as Jones has been, he's still a rookie and likely to make a few missteps. Plus there's also the very real fear that he eventually hits the dreaded rookie wall. You won't have to worry about that with Woodhead. While the Chargers are certainly going to give plenty of opportunities to Melvin Gordon during the season, it says something that Woodhead is still the running back that San Diego turns to in the red zone. Those are the money snaps and as long as they're going to Woodhead, he'll have plenty of fantasy value.

M.G.: The Eagles offense has been one of the biggest disappointments in the league through the first two weeks. But things aren't always as bad as they seem. I expect Chip Kelly to put on his mad scientist hat and go back to work figuring out how to make changes in the offense. Plus Philly's opponents aren't always going to be shouting out the team's plays from the sideline. At least we hope not. Still there are probably panicked and disgusted owners in your league who are willing to unload a pair of players who have been frustrating, to say the least. If they're amenable to selling, make an offer and see what you might come up with.

M.G.: This is a good week for Lance Dunbar. The Falcons have been very vulnerable to pass-catching running backs in the first two weeks of the season. That bodes well for a guy who had 70 receiving yards in Week 1 and is an offense desperate for playmakers after a rash of injuries. But if you're taking a longer view at the situation, I like Dion Lewis better. The biggest reason is that he's continued to play a significant number of snaps despite fumbling in each of the first two games of the season. Ask Stevan Ridley if he ever got that kind of consideration. Right now Lewis is too talented and playing too well to keep him off the field. Could #Belitricks be dead? I'm not going that far, but they've been tamed for the time being.

M.G.: I wouldn't expect much this week. It's been more than 10 months since he had a carry in a live football game and the Rams are likely to take it slow with their prized first round pick. While Gurley has been working out with the team, he didn't play at all during the preseason. It's hard to expect him to jump in and explode out of the gate. Gurley has a bright future in the NFL (and in fantasy), but don't look for big things right away.

M.G.:Chris Ivory is a good back who is playing well in a mediocre offense. He'll have some good weeks like he did in Week 1 and some not-so-great weeks like Week 2. This is all a part of The Chris Ivory Experience. If you're stacked at running back and need help somewhere else, you could certainly move him for a receiver like John Brown. Or maybe you have a nervous owner in your league who's down on a player that's struggling right now (think Jordan Matthews). This is the time to make hay. But it wouldn't be crazy to just hold on to Ivory and use him as a matchup-based flex.

M.G.: You're the GENIUS, you tell me. Just kidding. I was big on Lamar Miller this season and he hasn't really produced so far. The problem is that his trade value isn't great and the schedule doesn't look like it's going to favor him anytime soon. Much like I advised with Andrew Luck earlier in this column, give Miller another week. If it doesn't happen against the Titans, then it might be time to cut bait on this fish.

Bonus question:

M.G.: With blueberry and açai. A guy's gotta watch his girlish figure.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for and a man who is a very good driver but always apologizes when he makes the occasional faux pas on the road. Take a lesson, Los Angeles. Tweet him driving etiquette tips or fantasy football questions @MarcasG.

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