Dolphins' Porter: Foot race between Johnson, Ginn could happen

DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter says the challenge race between teammate Ted Ginn Jr. and NFL rushing leader Chris Johnson still might happen.

Porter said the foot race was supposed to be held at the Dolphins' training complex last Memorial Day weekend, but plans fell through.

"They're back talking about it again," Porter said Thursday. "Hopefully we get to see the race, because it's something I want to see to put it all behind us and see who really is the fastest."

On Wednesday, Johnson said the idea for the race came up at a pool party that he and Ginn attended in Miami Beach. Johnson said they agreed to race that night on Ocean Drive, but Ginn failed to show.

Porter, who also was at the party, said the race instead was supposed to be held the next morning on the Dolphins' field.

"The race was supposed to be here at the facility," Porter said. "You're not going to have two Pro Bowl guys like that running out there on the concrete on the street. ... We weren't going to race on Ocean Drive. How can you clear out the street like that during Memorial Day weekend? Let's be realistic."

While Ginn hasn't actually been to the Pro Bowl, he is one of the few players who might be able to keep up with Johnson, who considers himself the NFL's fastest player.

Porter said he expects Ginn would win.

"I'm not setting up the race to bet on Chris Johnson," Porter said. "I mean he's fast. True enough, he is fast. I'm not going to take that away from him. But we won't say he's the fastest person in the league until he races somebody."

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