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Dolphins LB Dansby can do it all -- just ask him

You won't find many shrinking violets playing linebacker in the NFL, and that description certainly doesn't fit the Miami Dolphins' Karlos Dansby.

Fresh off a day in which he notched a sack, an interception and a team-leading 10 tackles in Miami's 20-9 victory over the reeling Washington Redskins, Dansby declared himself the best linebacker in the NFL.

"I'm better than everybody," he said, according to the Miami Herald. "Everybody. Period. Point blank. I just haven't had the recognition, man. I'm more versatile than everybody. Period. Pont blank. I'm more versatile than everybody. Hands down. I can do it all. I can take the tight end. I can check the running backs. You don't have to put me in one hole, I ain't no hole guy. You can play man-to-man all over the field, man. I can do it all. I can hit guys. I can drop in coverage. I can blitz the quarterback. I got, what, 28 sacks, almost 30 sacks.

"I'm just trying to get my pick game up. I'm trying to get into the 20-20 [interceptions-sacks] club."

A second-round draft choice out of Auburn in 2004, Dansby isn't averse to taking a little shot at other, more famous names who play the middle, such as the Chicago Bears' Brian Urlacher.

"He's aging fast, man. He's a great linebacker, but he's aging fast. I respect all the linebackers. But I'm better. That's just how I feel."

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