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Dolphins' Jared Odrick yells at Joe Philbin on sideline

A familiar feeling is settling over Miami's season, and it's leading to some predictable frustration.

Cameras caught defensive lineman Jared Odrick yelling at coach Joe Philbin on the sideline, and appeared to yell the words "every week." David Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that Odrick had another exchange with Philbin on the sideline and said "Coaches always have a way out." 

Philbin and Odrick both downplayed the incident afterward, saying football is an "emotional game." Philbin said he spoke with Odrick after the game about the incident. Odrick said on Twitter that he loves his coaches and teammates. But the Miami Herald's Armando Salugero writes that "we're seeing first outward sign of dissatisfaction among players toward their coach."

The Miami Herald reports that Odrick got into at least three different exchanges, including one where appeared to say: "Get the (blank) out of here." 

Philbin faces an important three weeks. More losses and more drama could put him on the hot seat if they have another disappointing end to the season. 

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