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Dolphins GM: No decision made on Ryan Tannehill

The introduction of Brian Flores in Miami on Monday signaled a new era for the Dolphins, one likely without Ryan Tannehill.

Though that last bit has yet to be confirmed by the people making decisions in South Florida, Tannehill's departure is one of the first moves expected from an organization looking to tear down and build up under Flores.

At Miami's press conference on Monday, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier told reporters, per the Miami Herald, that while no decision has been made on Tannehill just yet, the Dolphins will definitely consider selecting a quarterback in this year's draft. How high in the draft is not clear.

"We haven't gone through the process of getting to learn the guys yet," Grier told the Herald. "There are a lot of good prospects we spent some time with at the Senior Bowl and other quarterbacks that weren't there that people were talking about as well. We may get through the process and fall in love with a couple guys. Last year, we liked two guys a lot and they both had good success this year. Those were believed to be [Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen.] It could be that point where we may say, "Hey, we feel this is the guy.'"

The Herald's Barry Jackson noted that Miami could wait to take a QB high in the draft in 2020 when Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa and Oregon's Justin Herbert are expected to come out.

The injury-prone Tannehill, 30, has two years left on his deal and is owed $18.7 million in base salary. If the 'Fins release him, they'd save roughly $13 million while taking a $13 million cap hit in 2019.

Grier also praised one of the young QBs on Miami's roster, Jake Rudock, a Michigan man, who was selected by the the Detroit Lions in the sixth round of the 2016 draft.

"The thing we had liked and the previous staff as well is he's smart," Grier added. "Big kid, can throw the ball, been in a similar offense. Before he signed, he asked what we're going to do. I said I can't tell you ... because I don't know what we're doing. Someone we took a chance on. Great kid."

In addition to Tannehill and Rudock, Miami currently employs former Washington State quarterback Luke Falk in the QB room.

Grier, who recently assumed greater power in Miami's front office following a great reshuffling, will be tasked along with Flores with finding the Dolphins' next Tannehill or Dan Marino.

Whether that comes in free agency in 2019 when Tyrod Taylor or Teddy Bridgewater figure to be the best young options available, or through the draft either this year or next, the Grier-Flores era will be defined early on by the duo's success in locating a successor to Tannehill.

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