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Dolphins GM Ireland apologizes to Bryant for inappropriate question

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland apologized to Dez Bryant on Tuesday for asking the wide receiver if his mother was ever a prostitute, the *Miami Herald* reported.


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Ireland asked the question during a pre-draft interview with Bryant earlier this month at the Dolphins' training facility. Bryant, a first-round pick by the Dallas Cowboys last week, accepted the apology, according to Ireland.

"My job is to find out as much information as possible about a player that I'm consider drafting," Ireland said in a statement. "Sometimes that leads to asking in-depth questions. Having said that, I talked to Dez Bryant and told him I used poor judgment in one of the questions I asked him. I certainly meant no disrespect and apologized to him.

"I appreciate his acceptance of that apology, and I told him I wished him well as he embarks on his NFL career."

The Dallas Morning News reported last week that Bryant's mother, Angela, gave birth to him at age 15 and sold drugs. Bryant is close to his mother, who attended her son's draft-day party Thursday.

The Dolphins had the No. 12 overall pick in the draft, but they traded that selection to the San Diego Chargers and slid to 28th as part of the deal. Bryant went 24th to the Cowboys.

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