Dolphins coach Brian Flores 'happy we're playing' week after London loss

Following a trek to England, NFL teams are accustomed to a bye week coming thereafter.

As the 2021 Miami Dolphins schedule would have it, they do not have an off week in Week 7 after their Week 6 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

For Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, that's just fine and dandy for his 1-5 squad.

"I think we want to get back out there," Flores said earlier this week, via the Associated Press. "We want to get back out there and play and perform better. That's really what we're looking to do. To wait a couple weeks, I wouldn't want ... I'm happy we're playing. I think the players are happy we're playing."

Miami is looking to right a sinking ship against the Falcons in Week 7 on Sunday, six weeks removed from its first and last win of the season.

Per the AP, in the 60 occurrences teams have played in London since the NFL began its International Series in 2007 -- excluding the 2020 hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic -- 55 teams have had a bye week to follow.

Alas, a long flight home after a loss gave Flores and Co. plenty to think about, most notably getting right back to practice and playing against the Falcons.

"You see the things that we need to do better, the things that I need to do better, the points of emphasis that we have talked about," Flores said. "But we have to find a different way to talk about them and to teach them. Yeah, [it's a] long flight, lots to think about, a lot of film to watch, lots to think about. But yeah, pick yourself up and move on."

There is no rest for these weary Dolphins and their head coach is fine with that.

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