Do the right thing, Jimmy, allow Cam to wear his beloved No. 2

Here's a little Nike-inspired advice for Jimmy Clausen as he ponders whether to sell the No. 2 he wears on his Carolina Panthers jersey to Cam Newton: Just do it!

Do it while it's yours to sell. Do it while the demand is as high as it will likely ever be.

I mean, is there really anything to think about here?

You realize you're not long for the Panthers, Jimmy. You realize that this became Newton's team the second commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Newton was the top overall pick of last week's draft. You realize that, from here on out, the Panthers are all Cam all the time. And a number must go with that name. And that number is 2.

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Despite those 10 starts you made for the Panthers last season, Jimmy, your identity with that number was easily overshadowed by Newton's. As you struggled (which wasn't entirely your fault, by the way, but that's what happened nonetheless), he turned himself into a mega-star at Auburn, winning the Heisman Trophy and a BCS championship.

Newton needs No. 2. There are fans anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy a Panthers jersey with his name and his No. 2 below it.

And the guess here is that he'll pay handsomely for it. The going rate for jersey numbers ranges from $10,000 to $25,000. I'm thinking this one should be sold on the highest end of the scale, especially at this early stage of the market.

Of course, Newton could always wait to see if you'll be released, and then he can get the number for free. That's the danger of waiting to sell, Jimmy. For now, no one disputes that you are No. 2 on the Panthers' roster. To the best of everyone's understanding, numbers still belong to players under contract during the lockout.

No one also should think less of you for selling it. As you know, these transactions happen all of the time in the NFL and other pro sports. You already hinted at the possibility of doing a little jersey number business with Newton when, according to the *Raleigh News & Observer*, you responded to a question about whether the rights to No. 2 could be purchased by cryptically saying, "We'll see what happens."

Here's another suggestion, Jimmy: Sell the jersey to Newton with the promise that you'll donate the proceeds to the victims of the Alabama tornadoes. This way, you'll both come away from this looking good and feeling even better.

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