Do 'Game of Thrones' novels contain secret NFL hints?

There are only two things 'Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin loves as much as killing off your favorite character.

They both call MetLife Stadium home.

Martin grew up in Bayonne, N.J. -- about 14 miles away from where the Jets and Giants play. He keeps an epic LiveJournal going to celebrate and vent on Sundays.

Plus, if you pay close attention to the 'Game of Thrones' novels and HBO series, you might pick up his NFL-related references. There are a LOT of them.

Exhibit A: Martin revealed on NPR's 'Wait… Don't Tell Me!' that he lost a friendly wager and crafted an elaborate Giants-Cowboys rivalry-themed subplot in one of his books.

"There's this guy named Patrick St. Denis, who runs a fantasy website called 'Pat's Fantasy Hotlist,'" Martin explained. "Pat is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. So we would have a standing bet for a number of years about whether the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Giants would do better. And I won the bet the first two years. But finally, in the third year the Cowboys finished ahead of the Giants. And what I had to do if he won the bet was to kill him horribly within the books. So I invented a character called Ser Patrek of King's Mountain and described his heraldry as looking somewhat like the heraldry of the Dallas Cowboys with the silver star on a white field." And then I had him ripped apart by a giant."

That giant's name? Wun-Wun, a potential nod to Super Bowl champion Giants quarterback Phil Simms.

Fast forward to the next GiantsSuper Bowl team. Their rival: Bill Belichick's New England Patriots dynasty. As a Jets and Giants fan, Martin couldn't help but make the coaching legend a fantasy villain, according to Michelle Jaworski of The Daily Dot.

"(Belichick) appears in the form of Belicho, a "Volantene patriot" and once Triarch, or one of three elected rulers, of the free city Volantis whose tales are told in 'The Life of the Triarch Belicho.'" Jaworski explains. "He had enough adventures and triumphs to warrant four books, but the final one, which Tyrion Lannister is reading in 'A Dance With Dragons,' ends suddenly when Belicho is eaten by giants. Belicho's death in that particular book is also a reference to the 2007 Super Bowl, where an undefeated Patriots team lost to the New York Giants-Belichick's fourth time going to the big game."

Jaworski also connects the dots between Baltimore Ravens end Terrell Suggs, former WR Mark Clayton, and a knight in the novels Martin named 'Ser Terrell Suggs.'

"He's a cruel man who enjoys torturing and travels with a man known as Godry the Giantslayer," Jaworski points out. "The Ravens were the only team to have defeated the Giants in the Super Bowl."

Martin drops hints about the Giants; he doesn't mince words about the Jets. His LiveJournal reads like the back page of the New York Post at times.

Wrote Martin after a 2017 loss to the Chiefs: "Life is meaningless and full of pain. Watching the Jets week after week has become an exercise in masochism."

Martin's two teams have reversed fortunes since that post. The Giants could find their own Sam Darnold in time for the series finale coming in 2019 to HBO.

Or, the Giants can just draft one of Martin's scariest characters and save the author the trouble of a clever hint.

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