Divisional playoffs dish out plenty of drollery

Take a look at each in-depth breakdownm, and then vote for your favorite nuttiest play from the divisional playoffs at the bottom of the right column.

That didn't work

The situation: The Packers have tied up the game at 10-10 early in the second quarter.

Things got a bit nutty when ... The Packers try to catch the Giants off-guard, and Mason Crosby attempts an onside kick. The maneuver fails; the Giants recover and get excellent field position for a reward.

Really, Jacoby?

The situation: The Texans managed to get a field goal out of the first drive of the game and followed that up with a stellar three-and-out effort by their defense.

Things got a bit nutty when ...Jacoby Jones muffs Sam Koch's punt, giving the Ravens prime field position. Baltimore, of course, capitalizes, getting a touchdown pass from Joe Flacco to Kris Wilson.

Grubbs with the gain

The situation: The Ravens, up 17-13 with 3:27 left in the third quarter, face a second-and-4 from the Texans' 4-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ...Ray Rice can't handle the handoff from Flacco, fumbles the ball, kicks it forward, and gets a nice bit of good fortune when lineman Ben Grubbs recovers the loose ball for a 2-yard gain. Two plays later, however, Houston completed a goal-line stand to remain in the game.

Look what I found

The situation: The 49ers -- leading 17-7 with 9:32 left in the second quarter -- face a first-and-10 from their own 20-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ...Alex Smith's pass is deflected by the Saints' Malcolm Jenkins, bounces off of 49ers lineman Joe Staley, and then lands in the arms of Frank Gore, who catches the ball but loses a yard on the play.

Best punt of the playoffs?

The situation: The Patriots lead 45-10 with 3:10 left in the game and face a third-and-10 from their own 42-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ... The Patriots opt to dial it back to a time when football players wore leather helmets, and the forward pass was a foreign offensive concept. You see, back in the old-timey days, teams punted before fourth down to get ahead in the always-important field position battle. With the game out of hand, the Patriots figured they were better off getting their all-time great, future Hall of Fame quarterback off the field. So, Tom Brady lined up in the shotgun formation, and surprised everyone by punting the ball. It was a good punt, too, going for 48 yards. Some mayhem occurred after the play, with the punt sparking a brawl.

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