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Divisional games, tests for upstarts highlight Week 3

It's still awfully early in the season, but we just might learn something about a few upstart clubs this week. The undefeated Bills and Lions get some interesting tests. Are they for real? Both could make a statement this week, particularly if the Bills managed to pull off a win against New England.

Half the slate of games this weekend are division battles, whereas a week ago we had not a single one of those contests. And, I must admit, there are a lot of finger sandwiches (remember, games here are rated as either a footlong, a six-inch, a pita or a finger sandwich) in this mix as well -- a slew of games featuring teams yet to show they belong, or potentially lopsided games with a decided favorite.

In what has already been the year of the huge passing game and the blowout (six games already decided by 21 points or more), I would not be surprised to see both trends continue in Week 3. (Overall, the average margin of victory thus far this season is 12.88, compared with 11.75 in 2010.)

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