Discussions remain, no decisions yet regarding Pro Bowl

NEW ORLEANS -- A day after what players believed was a more competitive and accurate portrayal of football, the NFL remains undecided about various aspects of the Pro Bowl. Sources familiar with the league's thinking say there will be far-ranging discussions -- internally and with the players -- on the immediate and long-term future of the Pro Bowl.

One source involved in the decision-making process said the quality of play was "much-improved over last year," but also indicated that does not mean it will continue. Commissioner Roger Goodell had said the quality had to be better for the game to be played each year.

In a Reddit.com chat with fans on Monday, Goodell answered a question about the effort demonstrated by players.

Goodell wrote, "I watched the game and noticed the improved quality of the game. I appreciate the players' commitment in this regard. We need to continually work to make our game better for the fans. I look forward to getting detailed player comment and input over the next few weeks."

The NFC won 62-35 in Sunday's game, which included bloodied Houston Texans pass-rusher J.J. Watt saying in a sideline interview, "Hey commish, we're playing hard!"

There were some negatives to the annual all-star game in Hawaii. The stands had some empty seats, though the announced crowd was 47,134 at Aloha Stadium, which has a capacity of 50,000. That fact could loom large for the league and the players, who will discuss game quality, timing and location among other details.

The league will consider moving the Pro Bowl to the Super Bowl host city, and keeping it the week before the game. That was the case in Miami four years ago. That might not happen next year in New York, but it could work the following year in Arizona. It seems the players want the Pro Bowl to be played after the Super Bowl.

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