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Diggs: Shurmur's offense will be fun for Odell Beckham

The New York Giants plan to hire Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur to help diversify and open a stagnant offense.

No one knows how well Shurmur can scheme open receivers better than Stefon Diggs. The Vikings receiver said Odell Beckham Jr. should thrive in Shurmur's offense next season.

"As a player, [Beckham] does a lot of things well, so it's gonna be a fun offense for him to be in," Diggs said on Thursday, via the New York Daily News. "Because Pat knows how to get people the ball. He's special. Good coach."

Shurmur deserves credit not only for thriving with a shuffling quarterback situation, but also helping build one of the top receiving corps in the NFL from the ground up. Diggs was a fifth-round pick in 2015, while Adam Thielen has grown into a star in Shurmur's system after being an undrafted local tryout participant.

In Minnesota, Shurmur's displayed an ability to mix in West Coach principals and spread techniques to great effect. Sunday's victory displayed several instances where he helped scheme receivers wide open running through the Saints' secondary.

"He's gonna call plays that work for you," Diggs said. "He's gonna do what you're good at. He's not gonna make it hard. He's gonna make it as easy on you as possible. Whatever you're good at, he's gonna let you do. That's it. As a player that's what you want. So whatever you do well, he's gonna let you do it to the best of your ability -- and a lot."

The last Giants offense overly relied on Beckham's transcendent talent to move the ball. While OBJ will continue to pace Big Blue, Shurmur's offense should open things up for other players to take advantage of the rolled coverage on the star wideout. With Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram as complementary weapons, the Giants have the tools to threaten defenses on the outside in 2018.

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