Did Ezekiel Elliott's celebration lead to donation spike?

It's fun having Ezekiel Elliott around, isn't it?

Not only is the Cowboys rusher one of the most dynamic rookies to enter the league in years, he does it all with a flair that makes him a perfect fit for the "America's Team" resurgence out of Big D.

Elliott's "Feed me!" hand gesture will go down as one of the most recognizable images of the 2016 season. Elliott can now add the most memorable touchdown celebration of the year to his list of accomplishments:

Elliott's creative bit of celebratory expression has had the unintended effect of helping the less fortunate this holiday season. Darren Rovell, ESPN's omnipresent business reporter, reported that the Salvation Army raised $182,000 through online donations in the first 14 hours after Elliott's kettle jump. That's a 61 percent jump from Sunday into Monday last week.

The Salvation Army took advantage of Elliott's free advertising with a tweet during Sunday Night Football.

When Rovell put his Grinch cap on, the SA put him in his place.

Merry Christmas.

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