Dickerson: Jim Harbaugh would be great Rams coach

As surprising as Jeff Fisher's firing by the Los Angeles Rams might have been for some, no one should be shocked that Eric Dickerson supports the move.

The former Rams great hasn't been shy in his fire Fisher advocacy this season, and the always-opinionated Hall of Famer had plenty to say about Fisher's exit Monday while on NFL Total Access.

"Well, was I shocked after the performance yesterday? No, I was not shocked because they played so poorly," said Dickerson, referring to the Rams' 42-14 loss to the Falcons at home. "I think some of the players gave up all day yesterday and you can't have that. I've been in those situations. I was on a 1-15 team. I've seen it first hand and these things aren't pretty."

So who should the Rams consider hiring as their next coach? Dickerson has one name in mind, even if it could be a long-shot candidate.

"People ask me (and) I think Jim Harbaugh is a guy that can really turn the program around," Dickerson said. "I've seen what he's done. Stanford, he turned that football program around. He turned Andrew Luck into a No. 1 draft pick ... he turned Alex Smith's career around when most people thought he was done. He helped (Colin) Kaepernick, helped turned him into a top quarterback. He turned Michigan around. So, what's your body of work? And he has a lot of body of work."

As for his support of the Rams, it appears Fisher's firing has renewed Dickerson's dedication to the team. He doesn't think he'll make it to a game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this year, but he's planning to make it there next season.

"I'll go to a game, of course I will," Dickerson said. "I said I wouldn't go back as long as Jeff Fisher (was) the coach ... I support the Rams. I support the players."

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