Dez Bryant wants to help fix confounding catch rule

Commissioner Roger Goodell said earlier this month that the NFL is looking at how it can improve the confounding catch rule. Goodell said he's spoken to former GMs, current GMs, former players and former officials about coming together to form a proposal to fix the rule.

If the Commissioner is forming a committee, Dez Bryant wants in.

"That's cool!" Bryant told USA TODAY's Jarrett Bell, when told about the committee on Monday. "They need to invite me. Tell them they need to call me, so I can have my input."

The so-called Calvin Johnson-rule has confounded players, coaches and fans for years since Megatron's apparent game-winning touchdown was disallowed in 2010.

Bryant was robbed of a brilliant catch last season in the playoffs when it was deemed the Cowboys receiver didn't maintain control on what would have been a game-altering snag, which could have propelled Dallas to the NFC Championship Game.

"That's football," Bryant said Monday night of the play. "But I'll tell you this: I dwelled on that (expletive) for about a good two months. It was hard for me to watch (the rest of) the playoffs, just because ..."

Judging by the amount of #DezCaughtIt hashtags still flooding social media, many continue to dwell on it.

On a weekly basis, fans and players alike are confounded by the catch rule. If it's going to be fixed, maybe Bryant has some brilliant ideas -- they certainly can't be worse than the ones we're using now.

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