Dez Bryant's sideline show really was 'all positive'

The sideline behavior of Dez Bryant became a major subplot in the aftermath of the Dallas Cowboys' killer 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

From a distance, it appeared that the playmaking wide receiver lost his composure as the game unfolded, getting in the face of Tony Romo and Jason Witten at different points.

"If I'm the coach of the Cowboys you have to get this under control," said NFL Media's Brian Billick, who called the game for Fox. "This temper tantrum, I don't know what else to call it, Dez Bryant, want to help your team? Grow up."

Looks can be deceiving. NFL Films released footage that paints a very different picture of what was happening on the Dallas sideline. The video certainly exonerates Bryant of any petulant behavior. He comes off as an extremely (extremely) amped-up individual who's clearly invested in the game. He's essentially the anti-Haynesworth.

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Especially telling was Bryant's conversation with Romo, an interaction that looked -- from a distance -- like a wide receiver complaining to his quarterback about his lack of targets (Bryant had just two catches at that point). In reality, Bryant is talking strategy with Romo.

"We good on that, Tony!" Bryant yells to a serene Romo, seated on the bench. "We the best in the NFL on that. We the best in the NFL!"

Bryant told reporters after the game his sideline message was "all positive." He was telling the truth.

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