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Dez Bryant has heated verbal exchange with reporter

Dez Bryant's frustrations boiled over Thursday during a heated verbal exchange with a local reporter in Dallas. NFL Network's Desmond Purnell reported that Bryant and a reporter got into a loud verbal exchange that went on for several minutes.

"Bryant told the other reporter how he was upset that his name had appeared in some articles, his name had appeared in some tweets where he was portrayed in an inaccurate fashion, said that he was tired of him and his teammates being disrespected amongst other things," Purnell reported on NFL Network's Around the NFL.

The MMQB's Robert Klemko first noted Bryant's outburst.

"Until they stop disrespecting this team I don't give a f---. Mother------- sick!" Bryant yelled at the reporter, according to Klemko.

Bryant left the locker room after a long initial argument with the reporter according to Purnell, then re-entered because he was upset about Klemko's tweet. Teammate Jason Witten stopped a group interview in an attempt to calm the situation down. In the video above, Bryant pleads with Cowboys vice president of public relations Rich Dalrymple to fix the situation. Eventually, coach Jason Garrett entered and was successful in getting Bryant to leave the room.

Following the incident, Bryant tweeted: "If you going to tell something tell the whole thing ... I'm done with the situation ... I hope everyone is having a great day."

A few hours later, Bryant tweeted, "Now I guess I'm the bad person??? The media comes in our locker room with no restrictions ... I guess they can say whatever and it's cool ... let me remind all of you ... WE ARE HUMANS AS WELL ... WITH FAMILIES ... we have to live with a lot of false talk about us ... I chose to stand up for me and what I represent ... I'm so sorry if a lot of you can't handle being talked to direct."

Bryant was similarly upset with the media after a Week 8 loss to the Seahawks.

Speaking to reporters Friday morning, Garrett described the episode as an "isolated incident" and said he talked to Bryant about what happened.

"We didn't handle that situation the right way," Garrett said. "Dez didn't handle that situation the right way."

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