Detroit Lions' loose locker room leads to wins

Bored this weekend and looking for something fun to do? Try hanging out in the Detroit Lions' locker room.

The stories of player relaxation have hit an all-time high this week with news that the team has added cornhole to their list of games and amenities.

The Lions are also enjoying a ping-pong table and video games. Oh, and pillow fights?

Perhaps the Lions have figured things out when it comes to keeping players relaxed. Instead of installing a tense, military-like environment, Jim Caldwell has decided to recreate everyone's first sleepover party in Detroit.

On one hand, it seems innocuous. Players always seem to find ways to have fun in their multi-million dollar workplaces. But on the other, it could be the thing that keeps a player in the facility for an extra hour getting to know a new teammate.

Either way, the Lions are 6-2 and momentarily in control of the NFC North. They have to be doing something right.

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