DeSean Jackson spoke to Redskins after RGIII decision

The Washington Redskins' quarterback drama doesn't even take a break during the team's bye week. DeSean Jackson had some telling quotes on FOX's pregame show Sunday when asked about the mood on the team when Robert Griffin III got his starting job back from Colt McCoy.

"When the past decision was made for Colt to be benched and RGIII to come in and start, you kinda feel guys feeling a certain way about that," Jackson said. "In the locker room, I had to stand up and say something like, 'As players, that's not our job. We can't worry about that.

"The only thing we can worry about is going out on Sundays and play your best and put your best foot forward. You worry about what you're gonna do on the field, and let the coaches, the owners and everybody else have that relationship with RGIII or whoever's making that decision. As players, we gotta take care of what we can do.'"

There's a lot there. Jackson indicates that some players weren't thrilled about the change and refers to RGIII's relationship with others in the organization "making that decision." Jackson was careful to say that Griffin is a "good guy" and young, but he noted that Kirk Cousins and McCoy both did a great job filling in for him. When pressed, Jackson said that Cousins probably throws the best ball to catch out of the trio because of his touch.

"Whoever's at quarterback, I don't care, man," Jackson said.

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