DeSean Jackson: Revis, Sherman can't cover me

DeSean Jackson believes in himself. Let there be no doubt.

"I don't think no one can guard me," Jackson told reporters on Monday at training camp, via "It's how I feel about myself. I don't feel no one can stop me. You can get Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman -- whoever you want to get."

The proclamation came after a reporter asked Jackson how new Redskins teammate Chris Culliver had fared in coverage against him during practice. Jackson, entering his second year in Washington, believes his combination of speed, hands and agility makes him a nightmare for opposing defenders. He also hopes to have more than the 56 receptions he finished with a year ago, though, he knows that's not all in his control.

"I always love to do more," Jackson said. "Whatever opportunity I get to make a play I'll make the most of my skills. To score touchdowns, to have energy, to light my team up, to get everyone riled up, to continue to go on the field and play at a high level. I just try to set the tempo, playing at a high level and everyone else can follow."

Jackson dipped below the radar last season as Washington stumbled to a 4-12 finish, but he remained a dangerous playmaker. He led the NFL with 13 catches over 40 yards, five receptions better than the next closest man. He averaged nearly 21 yards per reception, also far beyond any other contemporary.

By the way, Jackson will see Revis when the Redskins and Jets meet on Oct. 18. But before that, let's go ahead and start the countdown until Revis is asked his thoughts about DJax's boast.

We're just watching the wheels ...

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