DeSean Jackson points out Redskins Instagram snub

They forgot about DeSean.

In an Instagram post made moments after the completion of Super Bowl LI, the Washington Redskins signaled the end of the 2016 season and beginning of the 2017 season. It featured tenured stars Kirk Cousins, Jordan Reed, Josh Norman, Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan but was missing pending free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson (in fairness, it was also missing Pierre Garcon, who was Washington's best receiver this year).

Thanks to the eagle eyes at the Washington Post, we also know that Jackson himself commented on the photo, noting "Forgot about @One0fOne (his Instagram handle)" with the infamous "eyes" emoji. Washington replied "We love you, @One0fOne."

This is a silly way of getting to a real point about the Redskins this offseason: There is almost no way for them to navigate it correctly. There are the pitfalls of a potential long-term deal with Kirk Cousins and the dangers of once again pinning him into a franchise tag situation. There is the matter of losing the 30-year-old Garcon, who was a lifeline for Cousins this season and led the team with 79 catches and 1,041 receiving yards. There is the danger of counting on 2016 first-round pick Josh Doctson, who appeared in just two games before getting shut down with an Achilles issue.

And then there is the matter of Jackson, who, even at 30, is still a top-end speed receiver. His devastating home-run power was a very useful and difficult to replicate weapon in head coach Jay Gruden's arsenal. If they don't really love him, might he end up torturing them in the uniform of a division rival?

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