DeSean Jackson considered signing with 49ers in April

Before DeSean Jackson signed with the Washington Redskinslast April, the wide receiver had a standing offer to visit the San Francisco 49ers.

Although the 49ers were interested in signing Jackson only at a discount price, he told San Francisco reporters Wednesday that it was a "close call" in choosing the Redskins.

"I did have a couple talks. Coach Harbaugh and myself, we played against each other back at Cal when he was at Stanford," Jackson explained, via the 49ers' official website. "I respect him. It was a tough call, but I chose to come here instead.

"At the end of the day, they made it right for me to stay here in Washington, and even though I'm born and raised in California and would love to be there, love to play there, it was just a better fit and a better situation for me to be where I'm at now."

Translation: The Redskins showed me the money.

Considering Jackson's eye-brow raising comments about Washington's quarterbacks last week, it's fair to wonder if he would rather be catching passes from Colin Kaepernick.

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