Derek Carr or Su'a-Filo? Texans had choice in 2014

Sometimes we ask questions we already know the answers to, just to see what the response might be.

Case in point: On Wednesday, Texans head coach Bill O'Brien was asked if he was happy with the team's decision to select guard Xavier Su'a-Filo in the 2014 draft at No. 33 overall, just three picks ahead of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Oakland (7-2) takes on Houston (6-3) this Monday in Mexico City.

"We evaluated all the quarterbacks in that draft and we felt like he was definitely one of the better quarterbacks," O'Brien told the Houston Chronicle of Carr. "When it comes to the draft, Rick and I, we just try to make the decision for the team and that's what we did. We chose who we chose and we're happy with who we chose, but Derek is having a good year."

And Su'a-Filo, who has finally become an entrenched starter in Year 3?

"He's gotten much better," O'Brien said. "He's one of the more improved guys on our team. Very good run blocker, comes off the ball and strikes you. In the passing game, he really worked hard on his pass protection and has gotten better."

There's no disputing O'Brien's claim. Su'a-Filo has gone from benched, injured or out of shape to a dependable asset on Houston's offensive line. Also in O'Brien's defense, Su'a-Filo looked like such a safer commodity coming out of the draft than Carr, though we all know what happens in life when you play it safe too often.

Obviously, the Texans would love to have a franchise quarterback they found in the second round of the NFL draft instead of paying Brock Osweiler a massive amount of money to unevenly pilot this offense. It certainly would have made life a lot easier on general manager Rick Smith.

Fortunately for the Texans, they have a chance to let Carr know he is not infallible. That is the quickest way to show no buyer's remorse.

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