Derek Carr: Khalil Mack is going to get 30 sacks in 2016

There is nothing quite like a teammate setting wild expectations.

With optimism about the 2016 Oakland Raiders booming in the Bay Area, many are beefing up their projections regarding a rise in the AFC West. Khalil Mack recently boasted the Raiders' defense could eventually reach a Denver Broncos-type level.

If that lofty prediction is to happen, it will come with Mack owning a Defensive Player of the Year-worthy season. Quarterback Derek Carr took it a step further, believing Mack could blow the NFL's single-season sack record out of the water.

"I think he's going to sack the quarterback 30 times," Carr recently told Adam Schein on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Sports Radio. "Watch the tape. He's held every play. He's like nobody else in the league. He's talented."

Michael Strahan holds the record for most sacks in one season at 22.5. If Mack gets 30 sacks, he won't just win the DPOY award, he'll take home the MVP trophy.

While expecting 30 sacks in one season is outlandish (that's almost two per game), Carr's underlying point is valid: Mack is ridiculously good. The Raiders pass rusher should reach J.J. Watt-levels in 2016.

With a beefed up defense and a young, growing offense, it's easy to understand all the love for the Raiders this offseason. But Carr launched the expectations into the next stratosphere with his 30-sack prediction.

Maybe Mack should appear on NFL Network and prophesy a 60-TD season for the quarterback, just to even the expectation score.

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