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Demaryius Thomas sees balance for Broncos offense

Demaryius Thomas has played in offenses that ran the ball constantly. He's been part of a record-breaking attack that passed the ball relentlessly. He has a feeling his sixth season in Denver will find new balance.

Much of that goes back to new head coach Gary Kubiak, who has installed successful rushing attacks in every stop of his NFL career. Of course, Kubiak has never had a quarterback with the credentials of Peyton Manning.

"They've got everybody saying we're going to run, run, run and I know the coaches have run the ball before and that's good, I think," Thomas said, according to "We know we can throw, we know we have guys who can make plays, I don't think Coach Kubiak is going to just ignore that. But I think we all feel like if we can add in a good running game, you can win the Super Bowl."

Thomas, meanwhile, will not be at Denver's offseason program when it begins April 13. The wide receiver -- who received the franchise tag last month -- is looking for a long-term deal he hopes will be done before the start of the 2015 season.

"I'm not going to do anything to hurt the team," he said. "Like I say, I'm in the loop with everything and when it's time to get to work in (training) camp and in the season or whenever they get something done, I'll be ready to go. I think it's going to be a great offense and for all of us because if we can run the ball they can't gang up on me or Emmanuel (Sanders) or anybody, they can't rush Peyton with extra guys."

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