Demaryius Thomas on Broncos QBs: 'Not worried'

We get sick of certain storylines that develop early in the NFL offseason and carry all the way through training camp because they inevitably receive the most attention from writers and television analysts. Those stories are beaten down, overthought and dissected in an absurd number of ways and often place a weight on all the players and coaches involved.

So if you're sick of hearing about the Broncos' three-man quarterback competition, feel free to check out this story about Cam Newton being afraid of snakes. Better yet, register to vote if you haven't already.

"Oh we're not worried," Demaryius Thomas told The Denver Post regarding the fact that it is June and the team does not have a starter at QB. "We still got time. These guys are going to be fine. (Mark) Sanchez has won playoff games. I can't say much about (the experience of) Paxton (Lynch) and Trevor (Siemian), but they've been great so far. So we'll be fine. We got playmakers around them and coaches will put them in the right situation, and of course we've still got our great defense."

The last note about the great defense is the most important piece of this equation.

If we're all sick of Denver's quarterback carousel, why can't we accept that the best option for this team is to allow a leader to develop organically through OTAs and the first portion of training camp? Peyton Manning puts an incredibly definitive stamp on any team he plays for, and while some think he leaves a leadership void, he actually just leaves an opening for a different style of leadership from the position.

Denver's defense is good enough to get them back to the playoffs. Most of their veteran leadership is based there, and coordinator Wade Phillips understands how to manage the egos involved beautifully. So what is the problem with the offense taking its time on this?

The Broncos proved that Kubiak's offense can accentuate great quarterback play and mask some of the worst. It earns them the right to wait this out and avoid the haze that comes with daily, menial updates on which quarterback is slightly ahead.

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