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Demarcus Lawrence: I could 'break the bank' next year

Demarcus Lawrence wasted no time signing his franchise tag after being slapped with the $17.1 million tender on Monday.

The Dallas Cowboys' lethal pass-rusher isn't disappointed in being tagged, telling NFL Network's Jane Slater on Monday night he's ready to prove his worth once more.

"I feel like they have given me the opportunity to really break the bank next year," Lawrence said.

The Cowboys and Lawrence have until July 16 to work out a long-term extension or the pass rusher will play on the tag he signed hours after it was utilized by the team.

Unlike some players, like Le'Veon Bell, who detest the short-term commitment of the tag and are willing to sit out of offseason workouts or even going so far as to threaten retirement, Lawrence has always been fine with the prospect of one year of big guaranteed money.

The 25-year-old told during the Pro Bowl: "Franchise not bad. Contract not bad." His actions on Monday reiterate that confidence about his future.

For a young player entering his prime, playing a premier position for one of the NFL's most high-profile teams, it makes sense for Lawrence not to fret over a long-term deal just yet.

Lawrence's plan is to simply "work my butt off to make sure I'm the best football player possible," he told Slater.

If that happens, the Cowboys will gladly pay big money to keep him in Dallas down the road.

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