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DeMarco Murray joins Romo, Garrett at Duke

Tony Romo and Jason Garrett went back to Duke University to hang out with the basketball team this offseason.

But this time, they brought an unexpected guest.

According to Duke basketball's Twitter account, soon-to-be free agent DeMarco Murray joined his soon-to-not-be head coach and soon-to-not-be quarterback as they hung out with Mike Krzyzewski and the gang.

The trio also took in a Southern Methodist University basketball game a month ago.

If nothing else, we can see why we're now hearing stories about how Murray hopes the Cowboyswould match a best offer in free agency. The team talked about a close-knit bond during their return to the playoffs, and Murray knows how good it can be behind that offensive line.

It's not a bad job by Garrett either, who is continuing to prove that he's the right coach for this team, one who has the respect and attention of his main star players.

It's not often you see a star free-agent to be out with his old teammates like this. Then again, it's not often a team like the Cowboys lets a player like Murray go in his prime, either.

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