DeMarco Murray fined for crown-of-the-helmet hit

Back in March, NFL owners approved a rule that banned ball carriers from initiating contact with the crown of their helmets in the open field.

The safety measure -- popularly known as the Trent Richardson Rule -- was met with heavy criticism. Some ridiculous panic was involved. Marshall Faulk was particularly apoplectic on the issue.

In reality, the rule led to no discernible change in how the game was played this season. Running backs carried on as they always had, and officials kept the flags in their pockets.

On Sunday night, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray decked Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Damion Square with the exact type of blow that led to the rule's creation. NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth made a point to remind viewers of that fact.

Murray wasn't penalized on the play, but he did get fined $21,000 for striking an opponent with the crown of his helmet, according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

Thanks a lot, Collinsworth.

Other fines from around the league:

»Baltimore Ravens safety James Ihedigbo was fined $15,750 for unnecessary roughness. He struck a defenseless player with the crown of his helmet.

»Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk was fined $15,750 for striking a defenseless player using the crown of his helmet for his hit on Chicago Bears wide receiver Marquess Wilson.

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