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Del Rio on gutsy call: 'Good thing ESPN isn't coaching'

Jack Del Rio is feeling himself right now. And with good reason.

The coach deserves to be a major talking point on Monday morning after his gutsy call to go for two following the Raiders' late touchdown against the Saints in Sunday's season opener at the Superdome. Derek Carr hooked up with Michael Crabtree on the ensuing play, the difference in a thrilling 35-34 victory.

If placing an ax in his locker room was Del Rio's worst-ever coaching move, Sunday's audacious display of onion-hanging represents the opposite end of that spectrum.

Leave to the math nerds to try to ruin the fun. ESPN's stats and research department contended that the decision to go for 2 was not statistically prudent. Del Rio, likely with a victory cigar dangling from his mug, couldn't resist.

For your safety, keep your distance from Jack Del Rio on this Sunday. The man is on fire.

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