Del Rio in favor of expanding replay to every play

INDIANAPOLIS -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick came out strong at last year's owners meetings in support of expanding instant replay to every play on the field.

At the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio pounded the same drum.

"You know, Bill Belichick brought up a great point in our owners meetings last year about allowing a coach to challenge any play if he decided it was worthy enough. So I'm in favor of that," Del Rio said. "If we have an opportunity to get something right, let's use that opportunity and let's get it right.

"That's what he was saying," Del Rio said of Belichick. " ... If it's wrong, and we all know it's wrong, and we have an opportunity to make right under the same criteria -- indisputable -- then why not? So makes all the sense in the world to me and I'm supportive of something along those lines and we'll see where it goes."

Anything the NFL can do to help the officials makes sense to us. The zebras were a weekly focal point from wire-to-wire in 2015 and it's time for the NFL Competition Committee to finesse instant replay until that changes.

And while they're add it, let's figure out what a catch is, shall we?

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