Del Rio: Clock management at end of Jags' loss 'unacceptable'

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said Monday that he accepted the blame for his team's struggles to get a play off in the final seconds of Sunday's 16-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert drove the Jaguars to the Panthers' 36-yard line, and it appeared they would have several shots at the end zone. But Gabbert and Del Rio failed to realize the clock would start following a reviewed play, causing precious seconds to tick off before the final snap.

The Jaguars' final pass fell incomplete.

"I accept the responsibility for that not being done better," Del Rio said. "There were 38 seconds and we only got two snaps off. That's not good.

"We need to be able to run several plays in that situation and execute that situation much better. ... I must make sure that our staff and our 11 offensive players that are involved in that situation handle that much better. It was not acceptable. It didn't give us enough opportunities there at the end to steal that win."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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