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Deep value can be found in Colts, Browns receivers

The Target Report for Week 6 brings us trades, disappointing wideouts, and how you can start pass-catchers from the Colts and Browns -- who thought we'd be saying that at any point this year? And the number one targeted player of the week is available in over 50 percent of leagues. And as a bonus, we'll have the Quote of the Week from the "NFL Fantasy Live" make-up room (and boy, I wish we could do a show on just what's said in there every morning). Here's Week 6:

Target analysis

Danario Alexander, Nate Burleson, Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Gibson, and Greg Salas also had 10 targets apiece ...

» Crabtree should be picked up everywhere. With the injury problems in San Francisco, this is Crabtree's time to shine. He's going to at least be a flex play going forward and I think by the end of the season will be a really strong No. 2 for your team. Alex Smith is locked into him. We've been waiting for Crabtree, and now he's here. (Shout out to make-up artist Anya for the line "How cool would it be if Crabtree married someone named Evelyn?").

» With the Rams' deal for Brandon Lloyd, the value of Alexander and Salas will take a hit. Lloyd was brought in to be Bradford's go-to guy. It might take a couple of weeks, but the Rams' offense will be heavy on Lloyd, so Alexander and Salas' values won't be as high as they've been. I can't see you putting them in your lineup.

» Welcome back from the fantasy abyss, Mike Williams South! I'm not saying he's back in your lineup, because the Buccaneers offense isn't nearly as dynamic as it was last season. With the targets, he was still not even worth six points this week. Monitor him, and pick him up if he was dumped, but no starts yet.

» Greg Little is worth a pickup. Colt McCoy picked up pretty quick chemistry with Little after his promotion to the starting lineup this week. I don't think he'll save your team, but as a flex play during the byes? You could do worse. The Browns offense is slowly becoming QB-driven with Peyton Hillis' injuries and lack of production.

» We learned a lot about Pierre Garcon this week. Three games with Painter, and he's easily the quarterback's favorite target. This means try to trade Reggie Wayne if you can get anything for him. Garcon is a great play going forward when the Colts have a good matchup. Not every week, because when you face good defenses, days like Sunday will happen. But for the first time this season, you can feel confident playing a Colt going forward. In fact, this should be the rallying cry/slogan for Colts fans. "We may not win, but you can play Garcon!" You can make signs and bring them to games.

» OK, so we now have an official pecking order for Saints targets. Jimmy Graham, well, yeah, four straight 100-yard games makes him No. 1, but now Marques Colston seems to have won the wrestling match over Lance Moore and the rest. Brees has looked to Colston a bunch the last couple of weeks, and I think that continues. Get Colston in as your flex.

» Steve Johnson is interesting. He was incredible early on, disappeared the last few games, but came back Sunday against the Giants with 10 targets. He catches passes every week (at least four in every game) and while he might not be the breakout guy we thought he was in September, he's still a very solid No. 2 that should be in your lineup every week. The Bills' offense is becoming more Fred Jackson-centric and Ryan Fitzpatrick's stats have declined a bit, but that shouldn't steer you away from Johnson.

» Has there been a guy with more targets and less points than Roddy White? For the season he's seen the second most-targets (59) behind Wes Welker. Sunday, he caught just two passes for 21 yards. This is a long time to wait for Roddy White to turn back into Roddy White. I try to flip him if I can. If you can't have a big day when Julio Jones is out, where there are extra targets to be had, this just isn't his year. I just have a feeling something's going on that we don't know about with him.

» Six tight ends saw more than 10 targets this week, led by Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Pettigrew with 14 each. Mark my words, Hernandez will be the more valuable Patriots tight end over Rob Gronkowski going forward. New England lines him up all over the place, and very quickly he's back in sync with Tom Brady. Try to trade for him if you can. And play him every week.

» Same thing with Fred Davis, who spent time in Washington during the bye working out and catching passes. His huge day on Sunday with 95 yards receiving means you pick him up if he's available. Chris Cooley will be out the next few weeks with a finger injury, and regardless of who the QB is, whether it's Rex Grossman, John Beck or Jay Schroeder, Davis will be the No. 1 target.

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