Debate: Who is to blame for the Favre-Childress fiasco?

There is a storm brewing over Minnesota, one that could tear apart a season that, up until two weeks ago, had been magical for the Vikings. At the center of the storm is head coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre, dance partners that are out of step. Both want to lead and neither wants to acquiesce.

On Monday night, the storm appeared to strengthen, as the Vikings lost to Chicago, despite a valient comeback attempt led by Favre. It was the second straight loss for Minnesota since Childress thought about benching Favre and was seen on the sidelines arguing with his quarterback. Overall, Minnesota has lost three of four since starting 10-1, and are in jeopardy of losing a first-round bye.

So who is to blame for the mess? A coach that wants total control of his offense, or a three-time MVP quarterback who thinks he's earned the right to call his own plays? We put the question to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora and's Steve Wyche, and let them debate.

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