Dearth of talent at safety, guard, tight end has teams scrambling

By my count, it's safe to assume that more than half the teams in the NFL are in need of a safety on some level and entered the offseason with plans to address that need.

At least four teams -- the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins -- would still have to consider their situation at safety "pressing" at this point. Here's the issue for those teams, however: There is not much help coming in a draft that features just one player, Miami's Kenny Phillips, who is considered to be a potential first-round talent.

The news isn't much better for those teams looking for guards (as many as 14 clubs by my count) and tight ends (11). So teams have been forced to be creative in how they fill the holes on their rosters, while some are just hoping for the best.

A team might decide it wants to replace its 2007 starter, but it must replace him with equal or better talent, and that can be very difficult when the talent pool in the draft is limited.

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