'Dear Peyton' commercial to air during 2016 NFL Draft

Peyton Manning is a well-known letter writer, often penning notes to retiring teammates, opponents, those battling life-threatening illnesses or people inspiring him in any fashion.

In a tribute to Manning's retirement, Gatorade filmed a commercial with some of those recipients reading the letters from Peyton. The commercial is set to air during tonight's NFL draft coverage, 18 years after Manning was selected No. 1 overall by the Indianapolis Colts.

It's a touching reminder of who the former quarterback with the laser, rocket arm is off the field:

Among those in the two-minute spot include Tony Dungy, Jeff Saturday, Demaryius Thomas, Eli Manning, Derek Jeter, the mother of Tyler Frenzel -- a young Colts fan with cancer who was treated at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital -- and long-time NFL Insider for ESPN Chris Mortensen, who makes his first on-camera appearance since undergoing cancer treatment.

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