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DeAndre Hopkins earns start over Keenan Allen

It's the final week of the regular season in most fantasy leagues. The trade deadline has come and gone and now it's just about massaging your lineup to get you into the playoffs. That's where Fantasy Football Audibles come into play. Using the SAP Player Comparison Tool, you can match up some of fantasy's top options to help you decide which ones can lead you to victory!

It wasn't a surprise that Andrew Luck would make the leap to being one of the top three quarterbacks in fantasy football. But few would have pegged Luck to run away with the scoring lead this late in the season. However, is it enough to make him a start over Drew Brees -- arguably fantasy's most consistent signal-caller over the past five seasons? Yep. Even though Brees has a better matchup against the woebegone Carolina Panthers, Luck's phenomenal season means he's hard to go against in any situation.

This pair of second-year wide receivers came alive in Week 13. For DeAndre Hopkins, it was a continuation of a breakout fantasy season. For Keenan Allen, it was a case of reviving what has been a frustrating campaign. This week, both players face pretty unfavorable matchups, but Hopkins has proven to be the more consistent of the duo. Hopkins also possesses the greater big-play ability. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't likely to throw six touchdowns for a second straight week, but there's a good chance that he'll still find Hopkins for another quality outing.

You've probably noticed by now that finding a consistent tight end not named Rob Gronkowski has been pretty hard to do. But lately, both Coby Fleener and Martellus Bennett have helped ease fantasy managers' pain. This week, Fleener has a fairly tough game against the Browns secondary while Bennett should have an easier go of it against the Cowboys. Add to it that Dwayne Allen is expected to return for Indianapolis this week and Bennett earns the nod in this pairing.

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