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Dean Blandino provides examples of legal hits from NFL Week 1

As we get ready for the second Sunday of the regular season, we want to share with you some examples of tough, physical -- and legal -- hits from Kickoff Weekend that also have been sent to our head coaches and general managers.

We have no higher priority in the NFL than the health and safety of our players. We are committed to taking the head out of the game and making sure the NFL sets the example for safer play at all levels of our sport.

Our players, some of the finest athletes in the world, have embraced the message. They have adjusted their play to conform with the rules. They are lowering their targets and the result of that is a safer game, one that still includes the tough, physical elements that players and passionate fans like you have come to love.

Enjoy Week 2 and thanks for your support of the NFL,

Dean Blandino

NFL vice president of officiating

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