DDFP 679: Best celebrity encounters & Colts playoff chances

Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by Cole Wright and Handsome Hank, who is now an uncle to the greatly named newborn "Ferris" (4:40). The guys kibitz about their NFL Media Summit in Santa Monica including run-ins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barry Bonds (15:50). This leads into the topic of best celebrity encounters the DDFP group has had including Ralphie from A Christmas Story, Jack Hamm, Michael Showalter, Eddie Vedder and Hank's long plane ride with Laura Dern (19:15). Shek then brings up a conversation he had with Al Riveron about new rule changes in the upcoming NFL season (30:00). Next, Shek adds the Indianapolis Colts to the list of teams that will not make the playoffs in the 2018 season. Lastly, Shek defeats Handsome Hank in a game of 'Use Your Noodle' by listing more correct starting QB's from the 2017 season (46:40).

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